Prof Simon Mitchell

Anaesthetist Head,
Department of Anaesthesiology School of Medicine,
University of Auckland Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand

Simon is a clinician and scientist with specialist training in diving medicine and anaesthesiology. He is widely published with over 150 papers or book chapters including a chapter on hyperbaric and diving medicine in Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. His principle areas of research interest are patient safety in the operating room and the physiology, technology and pathophysiology of diving. He has twice been Vice President of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society in the USA and in 2010 received the society’s highest award for contributions to the science of diving medicine. Simon works as a consultant anaesthesiologist at Auckland City Hospital, and Professor in Anaesthesiology at the University of Auckland. He provides on-call cover for diving and hyperbaric emergencies at the North Shore Hospital Hyperbaric Unit in Auckland. He is Editor-In-Chief of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal.

Simon’s diving career has included more than 6000 dives spanning sport, scientific, commercial, and military diving. He has been a lead member of teams that were the first to dive and identify 3 deep wrecks of high historical significance in Australia and New Zealand. At the time of one of these dives (2002) the 180m depth represented the deepest wreck dive ever undertaken. He was elected to Fellowship of the Explorers’ Club of New York in 2006, and was the Rolex Diver of the Year in 2015.

NZSA Invited Speaker