Sustainability at ASM 2023

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Sustainability at ASM 2023

Sustainability at ASM 2023

We invite you, our delegates and healthcare industry supporters to join us.

The Aotearoa NZ Anaesthesia ASM is committed to the use of sustainable practices to limit our impact on the environment and to deliver the event in an equitable, economically viable and ethical manner.

We have chosen conference and social venues that are centrally located and require little transport while you are in Dunedin.

We are actively promoting a zero, or near zero waste policy within our exhibition as well as during the event by optimising a digital presence in favour of physical, single use where possible.

We are closely working alongside the venues on their food waste strategy and have specifically chosen caterers who engage with local producers to reduce ‘food miles’.

We embrace delegate diversity including, but not limited to, gender, religious, cultural, physical and social factors and are embracing ways to enhance a delegate’s ability to participate successfully in the ASM.


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Tiaki means to care for people, place and culture. New Zealand is precious, and everyone who lives and travels here has a responsibility to look after it. The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for future generations. By following the Tiaki Promise, you are making a commitment to New Zealand. To act as a guardian, protecting and preserving our home.

While travelling in New Zealand I will:

Care for land, sea and nature, treading lightly and leaving no trace

Travel safely, showing care and consideration for all

Respect culture, travelling with an open heart and mind

HOW TO CARE FOR NEW ZEALAND |  #tiakipromise

What can you do?

Bring your own:

      • Keep-Cup for the on-site baristas. Takeaway cups won’t be available.
      • Bottle to keep hydrated with the water refill stations available throughout the venue.
      • Bag to collect any necessary information or goodies. Satchels won’t be provided.

Your registration includes catering and venue resources so why not make the most of the face-to-face time and help keep waste to a minimum too.

Be travel conscious:

  • Consider offsetting your carbon footprint when you book your flights to Dunedin.
  • Rideshare, stay central, catch the bus, walk, e-scooter or bike to the venue.

Recycle at the stations available throughout the venue and take notice of waste reduction measures at your accommodation.

Shop, eat locally and support the Ōtepoti community.

If you’re unable to attend in person or are conscious of your personal travel footprint, attend virtually.

Consider digital before printing.

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