NZSA Invited Speaker

Dr Doug Campbell
Specialist Anaesthetist
Auckland City Hospital

Dr Doug Campbell is a specialist anaesthetist at Auckland City Hospital. He graduated from Southampton University in 1988 and trained in anaesthesia in the Southampton, Bristol and Plymouth regional training schemes before moving to Auckland permanently in 1998. His clinical interests are neuro-anaesthesia, neurointerventional anaesthesia, anaesthesia for ischaemic stroke and perioperative medicine. He is a previous Chair of the Neuroanaesthesia Special Interest Group for the Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.

His research interests include large, collaborative, multi-centre clinical trials and he is a member of the Executive of the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network. He was an investigator on the recently completed Balanced and NeuroVision trials. Current interests include being Principal Investigator on the MASTERSTROKE trial, a large randomised trial looking at the effect of induced hypertension and outcome in large vessel occlusion ischaemic stroke. This programme of research is being extended to include potential future treatments in stroke including head cooling and physiological and pharmacological treatments using anaesthetic drugs and gases. Other interests include observational research using large datasets such as the National Minimum Dataset to develop surgical prediction tools such as NZRISK. This work aims to aid communication of risk and improve understanding of risk for patients and clinicians.

NZSA Invited Speaker


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